Saturday, July 13, 2013

Another week of ICADS

This week, I continued my participation in Daisy Yellow's "Index Card A Day" Challenge. It's Day 42 of the challenge, and I have finished 28 cards.      

The prompts "draw your earrings" and "psychedelic"  inspired a renovation to an existing card.
This is how my ICAD looked before the renovation. The above version is actually inspired by five prompts, as this one was inspired by "grocery list," "nail polish" and "peace sign."

I decided to make a backgammon board with brown and black pieces of tape, as backgammon board and washi tape were prompts this week.

 Prompts of mosaics and leaves inspired this card. Then the wind blew real leaves onto my just-vacuumed floor.

 There were two more prompts on Week 6 of the Daisy Yellow ICAD challenge that I did not do, which were "graffiti" and "stream of consciousness." I'm still thinking of ideas for them, so we shall see. The Week 7 prompts are also posted now.  But Tammy had some extra, personalized prompts this week. We asked for, she gave. Mine was rainbow, fruit and collage. I decided some old Sweet Stack paper needed to be collaged.


  1. I like how you took these prompts and ran with them. This shows how clever you are.

  2. Love how you used the prompts. And love the very summery colours on the last one.

  3. Thank you Elizabeth and Natasha. Bleubeard, I'm guessing that my kitties would thank you if they could read.